Enjoy Paestum: a place of extraordinary beauty.

Paestum was an ancient city of the Magna Graecia and nowadays is considered by UNESCO as a site in the interest of the international community to be protected.

Thanks to the recent archaeological discoveries (beginning of the 20th century) and the good preservation status of the buildings, it’s possible to appreciate the beauty of the Ancient Greek architecture.

The major temples in Doric style are “The Basilica” (the biggest temple, VI century b.C.), the Temple of Athena and the Temple of Neptune.

The archaeological site includes the city walls, the Roman amphitheatre and the monuments outside the city walls.

Near the Temple of Neptune, it’s also possible to visit the Forum and the Italic Temple (273 b.C.)
Discovering Paestum means being surrounded by nature and history, and finding a relaxing place where to enjoy the Mediterranean climate at a seaside resort too.

To get more information about the itinerary, we advice to visit the web site of the commune of Capaccio-Paestum